Used Leica TS30 0.5 Motorized Total Station

Used Leica TS30 0.5 Motorized Total Station

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The Leica TS30 delivers impressive performance in individual disciplines. But most importantly it is a champion in perfectly combining angle measurement, distance measurement, automatic target recognition and motorisation. The accuracy of the Leica TS30 is in a league of its own, a true companion for surveyors with pride.

Spesification :

Angular accuracy: 0.5

EDM accuracy:

0.6 mm 1 ppm to prism

2 mm 2 ppm to any surface

Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) accuracy: 1

ATR range: 3,300 ft. (1,000m)

Quadruple axis compensation

EDM range:

Standard prism: 6,000 ft. (1,800m)

Non-prism mode: 2,630 ft. (800m)

Long range mode to standard prism: 7,300 ft. (2,200m)

Motorization: Piezo direct drive

Curent SmartWorx v8.50 firmware

2 keyboards

EGL guidelights

Laser plummet

Data interface: RS232 or Bluetooth wireless

Environmental: IP54