Used Leica TCRA1101 1 PRISMLESS Robotic Total Station

Used Leica TCRA1101 1 PRISMLESS Robotic Total Station

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Used Leica TCRA1101 full Robotic prismless Total Station with 1” angle accuracy. Leica TCA1101 with automatic target recognition (ATR/LOCK) featuring PowerSearch one button target location. In PowerSearch mode, the instrument rotates around its standing axis and sends out a vertical laser signal swath. As soon as it finds a prism the instrument stops rotating and automatically targets the prism for one-man surveying. In outstanding working and cosmetic order. TCRA1101 gives you access to the best, most-productive measuring methods available and ideal for a wide range of applications and with its innovative Servo, Autolock, and Robotic technology, allows you and your survey crews to survey more productively than ever before. When you invest in the Leica TCRA1101 you get more than just an advanced survey instrument, because the TCAR1101 is really a Complete Integrated surveying solution. It comes standard with 3 MB of internal program memory, standard applications offers five programs and optional applications provide 12 programs. A PCMCIA port is also standard for external memory 512KB card which holds 4500 data blocks. With providing a RCS1000 remote-control system you can upgrade the unit to a full Robotic system and do trigger, inspect and code measurements from the target area. Unit is provided with onboard memory and an RS232C data output connector to use with a data collector or external computer. Unit also features a memory cardholder on the side for on-board data collecting which save you the cost of data collector. This unit has been used but it is in excellent condition rated 9 out of 10. Guaranty will impress everybody’s expectation. The TCRA1101 features a large graphical display and a full alpha/numeric keyboard. Its high-performance motors rotate the unit at an astounding 50 degrees per second and fast servomotors will track the prism at a speed of almost 20 MPH (5 degrees per second) for faster target acquisition. It also features a new Jog/Shuttle mechanism replaces the clamp/tangent screw for high-speed rotation and accurate target sighting. Unit is featured with IP-54 Waterproof/Dustproof rating, which is suitable for use in the toughest environments. Leica’s exclusive optical data link eliminates the hassles and headaches of radio-controlled Robotics. No interfering frequencies, no FCC licensing issues.

Magnification: 30X

Image: Erect

Angle accuracy: 5”/1.5 mgon

Angle minimum display reading: 1”/5”

Distance measurement: 1Prism: 3.500m/11.480ft, 3Prism: 5.000m/16.400ft

Distance measurement precision: /-(1mm 2ppm)

Distance measuring time: 0.2s in tracking mode

Distance measuring time: 0.8s in coarse mode

Distance measuring time: 1.2s and 3s initial in fine mode

Distance minimum display: 1mm

Angle units: Switchable between meter or feet, angle degrees or gon

Display: Dual, LCD, 8 lines of 32 characters, graphics capability, on- line help, messages

Keyboard: 32keys (numeric and alphanumeric input) 12-key numeric block, 20 function keys

Data input/output: RS-232C compatible, asynchronous serial

Data recording: Memory card, holder

Servo driving mechanism: Servo control with slow down function

Servo coarse movement shuttle control outside: 7 speed change

Servo fine movement: Jog control Min. 1 sec.

Servo max. Rotating speed: 50deg/sec.

Servo Max. auto tracking speed: 12deg/sec.

ATR1 mode: 1Km/3300’ with prism and 0.5 Km/1650’ with 360deg prism

Lock mode: 0.5 Km/1650’ with prism and 350m/1150’ with 360deg prism

Minimum distance range: 5m/16.4’ (ATR1) and 20m/65’ (LOCK)

Leica TCRA1101 Total Station

Leica Tribrach

2x Battery

Leica Charger

Original carrying case

Copy of owner’s manual upon request

This unit will be cleaned and calibrated for 8 calibrations points (V&H collimation, Double centering, Optical Plummet, line of sight, plunge, tilt sensor, bubbles, cross hair) in our service department prior to shipping. All batteries will be checked out to confirm that they have at least more than half-life otherwise will be re-celled. EDM will be base line tested to make sure it is reading good distances according to their specs. All these adjustments and calibrations are provided to all customers at no extra charge. Units will leave here in a good cosmetic condition as well. In other word any unit shipped out to customers is basically ready to work at field.