Used Leica TCP1201+ 1 Robotic Total Station

Used Leica TCP1201+ 1 Robotic Total Station

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This instrument is being paired with a Brand New Juniper Allegro MX Bluetooth s/n 107901 with integrated Leica Radio Pod running Carlson SurvCE v2.67 (Robotic, Total Station modules enabled).

The TCP1201 has 1 angular accuracy and will display to a resolution of 0.1. The instrument is equipped with an integrated laser plummet. The TCP1201 Total Station comes with the standard set of on-board programs offered by Leica such as: Surveying, Stakeout, Determine Coordinate System, and COGO in addition to Carlson SurvCE v2.67 Total Station and Robotic modules running on the Allegro MX Bluetooth.

The telescope has 30x magnification and the lens crafted by fine Swiss optics for unmatched clarity and resolving power.

A brand new 2011 GEB221 Li-ION batterry has been included which provides power for 6 hours of operation. A brand new GKL211 charger has also been included for maximum longevity. The TCP1201 contains endless drives for smooth, comfortable operation and precise pointing. The instrument also includes 1x high contrast graphic displays and alpha-numeric keyboards with touch screen which gives an instant impression.

This Sale Including Complete and Ready to Work :

1x 754310 Leica TCP1201 1 Robotic Total Station with PowerSearch and ATR S/N 268717

with current Leica SmartWorx firmware v8.5

1x 748888 Leica GDF111-1 Tribrach

1x 712129 Leica Integrated Laser Plummet

1x 741964 Leica RH1200 RadioHandle (New)

1x 733270 Leica GEB221 Li-ION Battery (New), operating time 6 continuous hours

1x 734752 Leica GKL211 Battery Charger & 12V Car Charger (New)

1x 769992 Leica TPS1200 Color Keyboard

1x 385500 Leica GLS11 Aluminum Prism Pole

1x 639985 Leica GRZ4 360 degree prism

1x 733267 Leica Carrying Case

1x Rain Cover and Telescope Shade

1x Leica Instrument Manual

1x Juniper Allegro MX Field Controller with Integrated Radio, color display S/N 107901

1x Carlson SurvCE v2.5 Complete Software (Robotics, Total Station modules enabled)

1x Seco 8212364 Allegro Pole Cradle

1x Seco 5198-052 Pole Cradle


Leica Total Station:

Leica TCP1201 1 with current licensed SmartWorx v8.5 firmware.

Manufactured 2011 Switzerland S/N 268717

Angular accuracy: 1

Dual-axis electronic compensation

Magnification: 30x

Angle display resolution: 1

IR EDM range: 3,000 m to single prism

IR Distance accuracy: 1 mm 1.5 ppm

Internal Memory: 10,000 points

Removable Compact Flash Card Slot

RS232 port communicates with most data collectors

Available in multiple languages (please specify)

PowerSearch prism tracking speed: 45°/ s

Waterproof, dustproof IP-54

Integrated Laser Plummet

Graphic Leveling Aid

8 hour rechargable Li-ION Battery (7.4 V, 3.8 Ah)

One large Alphanumeric keyboards with perfectly readable, high-contrast monochrome ¼ VGA LCD display

Fully robotic PowerSearch finds standard prisms within seconds at any location

Automatic Target Recognition (ATR) snaps to the center of the prism when pointed in general vicinity of prism

Juniper Allegro MX:

Rugged, Waterproof: Withstands 5 foot drop and 6 ft immersion test

Lightweight, Ergonomic Design: Easy to hold in hand

Processor: 624Mhz PXA270 processor

Storage: 128MB RAM, 1GB or internal storage

Secure Data: Data stored on secure solid state disk. PC memory cards can be used for additional storage

Display Options: Color Display: 3.8” (96mm) QVGA (320 x 240) daylight readable transflective color LCD

Large keyboard: Makes data entry fast and accurate

Rechargeable Battery: Long operating life

Operating System: Windows Mobile 6.1

Communication Ports: Full size USB Host – A

Mini USB Client – B

Com 1, RS-232C 9-pin subD with 5VDC on,

DTR pin, 12VDC power in, 10-18V unregulated

Environmental: IP67 Waterproof

Carlson SurvCE v1.67 Software (Total Station, Robotic modules)

Leica Radio Pod for communication with Leica Robotic Total Station