Used Leica TCP1205 5 Complete Robotic Total Station

Used Leica TCP1205 5 Complete Robotic Total Station

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Used Leica TCP1205 Total Station with 5” angle accuracy and dual compensator on V&H axis to compensate tilt error in any directions. Data transfer to a personal computer or any data collectors is possible with the RS-232C interface, and also memory on board can store up 8000 points, which will save you the purchase of data collectors. Unit has a detachable tribrach for convenience of moving it to different set up locations.

Magnification: 30X

Image: Erect

Minimum focusing distance: 1.5m/4.5’

Angle accuracy: 5”/1.5 mgon

Angle minimum display reading: 1”/5”

Angle reading system: Dual-side reading

Angle units: Switchable between meter or feet, angle degrees or gon

Distance measurement: 1 Prism: 5,250’, 3Prism: 6,560’, Compact prism CP01: 1,970’, Mini pole prism: OR1PA 980’

Distance measurement to target sheet RS90N-K: 200’

Distance measurement to target sheet RS50N-K: 160’

Distance measurement to target sheet RS10N-K: 70’

Distance measurement precision: ±(3mm 2pmm) rapid measurement, prism mode

Distance measuring time: 1.4s every 0.3s tracking mode

Distance measuring time: 2.3s every 0.8s coarse mode

Distance measuring time: 2.4s every 1.6s fine mode

Distance minimum display: 1mm/0.003ft

Display: Single

Data input/output: RS-232C compatible, asynchronous serial

Internal memory: Surveying data coordinates data total 10,000 points

Compensator: Liquid dual axis

Compensating range/Accuracy: ±3’/0.3”

Optical plummet: Erect 3X

Weight: 5.1kg, 11lbs including tribrach and battery


Leica TCP1205 Total Station

Leica Tribrach

Leica Battery

Battery Charger

Original carrying case

Owner’s Manual