Used Trimble S8 HP 1 Robotic Autolock Total Station Package

Used Trimble S8 HP 1 Robotic Autolock Total Station Package

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Trimble S8 1 High Precision Robotic Total Station

The Trimble S8 represents the ultimate in functionality for the most demanding of projects requiring, speed, efficiency and accuracy. Available in DR PLUS and DR HP (high precision) EDM versions, for optimizing the instrumentation to the project. DR PLUS version is a video-Robotic instrument with exceptional EDM range and 2” angle accuracy. Trimble VISION enables total control over instrument pointing remotely from the controller at the rod. This Complete Trimble S8 1 HP Robotic Total Station package is slightly used, but in good working condition. Our Factory-Trained service technicians have Completed a six point inspection to ensure the equipment has been adjusted and calibrated to maintain optimal precision and accuracy to meet manufacturers specifications.

This certification process includes:

Hz & Vertical Collimation

Tilting Axis

Electronic Leveling Compensator

Hz line of sight

Optical and/or Laser Plummet adjustment

EDM Calibration and Range Test

Package includes:

Trimble S8 1 High Precison Robotic Total Station, FirmWare R12.2.45

Transport case

Trimble 5 bay charging and power supply, and case

Trimble battery packs (3)

A/C adapter charger

Trimble 360 prism

Trimble TSC2 Field Controller (2.4 GHz internal Radio) with Survey Controller v12.46

TSC2 A/C charger

Trimble Multi Battery Adapter

Trimble Hirose Data Cable

Trimble Hirose to USB Data Cable

Seco Pole bracket