Used Leica TS12P 3 R400 Robotic Total Station With Carlson Mini

Used Leica TS12P 3 R400 Robotic Total Station With Carlson Mini

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This instrument has been used as a service loaner and our Leica factory-trained service technicians have completed a six point inspection process to ensure the equipment has been adjusted, calibrated and found to be within tolerances and manufacturer’s specifications allowed by Leica Geosystems. This certification process includes:

Hz & Vertical Collimation

Tilting Axis

Electronic Leveling Compensator

Hz line of sight

Optical and/or Laser Plummet Adjustment

EDM Calibration and Range Test

Package Includes:

(1)791306 Leica TS12P 3 R400 Total Station w/Power Search

(1)777508 GDF321 Pro Tribrach w/o Optical plummet

(2)733270 GEB 221 Li-Ion Battery

(1)734752 GKL211 Basic Charger

(1)788853 RH16 Radio Handle w/Bluetooth and Radio antenna

(1)785500 GLS11 Leica Prism Pole

(1)639985 GRZ4 360 degree prism

(1)734754 GeoCom Robotic License

(1) 6000.115 Carlson Mini2 w/SurvCE Robotic, 512 MB RAM, RS-232C 9-Pin D connector, CF/SD Card

(1)SEC5198-055 Seco Pole Bracket with compass

(1)SEC5200-073 Secon Cradle for Mini2

(1)791696 GVP660 Small-sized container for TPS robotic

The Carlson Mini2 Controller is included and all other Leica accessories have been added to make this a complete One-Man, Robotic Kit ready to work right out of the box.


Angular accuracy: 3

Dual-axis electronic compensation

Magnification: 30x

Angle display: 1

EDM range: 3,000 m to single prism

Reflectorless EDM range: 400 m

Distance accuracy: 2mm 2ppm

Internal Memory: 32MB

Memory Card: CompactFlash Cards (32 MB and 256 MB)

Reflectorless Laser Dot Size at 20 m: 7mm

RS232 port communicates with most data collectors

Contains multiple languages onboard

Waterproof, dustproof IP54

Laser Plummet

Graphic Leveling Aid

12-hr Li-ION Battery

Large Alphanumeric keypad with perfectly readable, high-contrast LCD display

Fully robotic PowerSearch finds standard prisms within seconds at any location

Automatic Target Recognition snaps to the center of the prism when pointing in general vicinity of prism

Carlson Mini2 Data Collector description:

The Carlson MINI2 data collector is small, but mighty, and designed to boost productivity and speed with extra-bright screen, long-lasting battery, and improved GPS technology to perform better in natural surroundings:

● It’s compact: 3.6″w x 7.25″ h x 1.5″ deep

● Extra large 800×450 TFT display for easy viewing of survey data

● Fast 1.0 GHz processor

● Fits comfortably in one hand and weighs just 1.3 pounds