Raytek RAYMI320LTS

Raytek RAYMI320LTS

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  • Rugged IP65 rated sensing head can be placed in harsh environments and survive ambient temperatures of 14 to 248°F (-10 to 120°C) without cooling
  • The MI3s small head can fit in many places that are inaccessible to conventional sensors
  • Designed to measure target temperatures ranging from 32 to 1832°F (0 to 1000°C)
  • The MI320LTs head is enclosed in stainless steel and has 22:1 optics
  • The Raytek RAYMI3 sensor combined with a communications box features multiple outputs including J, K, R or S thermocouple and as well control for functions such as emissivity, peak hold, valley hold, and averaging
  • When used in conjunction with a digital communication box, the MI3 sensor can be monitored, controlled, and its data can be recorded on a computer
  • Can be used in the following applications: blow molding, bonding, coating, converting, curing, drying, embossing, extrusion, forming, heating, laminating, molding, ovens, paint drying, paving, printing, and thermoforming