Seek Thermal REVEAL PRO

Seek Thermal REVEAL PRO

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Reveal is powered with state-of-the-art thermal technology that’s tough enough for your toolbox. The all-in-one Seek Reveal handheld thermal imager combines a 206156 sensor for powerful insight, a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 10 hours, and a large color display. RevealPRO is our most advanced handheld thermal imaging camera. Highly durable and easy to use, RevealPRO combines a high-performance 320 x 240 thermal sensor with intuitive software to help you work smarter. And, when you need it, a powerful 300-lumen LED light is available at the touch of a button. Offering adjustable thermal span, level, and emissivity settings, the RevealPRO delivers unprecedented high-resolution thermal imaging and software capabilities available at this price.

  • High-Resolution Thermal Sensor: 320 x 240 Thermal Sensor for Maximum Image Clarity and Sensitivity.
  • Wide, 32-Degree Field of View
  • Easily Scan a Large Area to Identify Potential Hazards in Seconds. Fixed Focus Lens.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery provides 4 Hours of Thermal Image Use.
  • Integrated 300 Lumen LED Flashlight Provides Light Where and When You Need it.
  • Duable ABS Housing with a Gorilla Glass Screen is Rated IP67 and Withstands a 3 Meter Drop.
  • Fast Frame Version Runs at &gt,15Hz Refresh Rate. 4GB Internal Hard Drive Holds 4,000 Images.