Onset HOBO Data Loggers T-ION-TVOC

Onset HOBO Data Loggers T-ION-TVOC

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Dependably measure volatile organic compounds with the TVOC sensor. With the deployment of a fixed continuous monitor, users can avoid dangers by monitoring areas in question. A variety of industries use the TVOC to minimize poisoning and explosions.

Requires analog port selection during U30 system configuration and use of aS-FS-CVIA when using the H22-001 data logger. When using a U12 data logger or ZW series data loggers, this sensor requires a 4-20mA input cable (CABLE-4-20mA) and external power provided by an AC adapter (AC-SENS-1).

Intrinsically Safe for use in hazardous areas

Environment: The T-ION-TVOC Sensor is for use in Indoor environments.