Keithley 7709

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The 7709 plug-in module is a two-pole, 68 matrix module. It can connect any combination of six differential channels of instrumentation to any combination of eight differential device under- test channels. The instrumentation can be AC and DC sources, internal or external meters, oscilloscopes, etc. This matrix configuration allows wide flexibility for complex test systems.

  • Expandable to larger switch configurations by daisychaining or cascading multiple modules
  • Two female D-sub connectors are standard for secure hook-up and quick tear-down
  • Relay closures stored in on-board memory
  • Automatic two or four-wire connection to DMM
  • 300V, 1A Capacity
  • &lt, 1W Contact resistance at any path and additional 1W at end of contact life
  • &lt, 3µV Per contact pair, contact potential
  • &lt, 100pA Offset current