Isotech 96178

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  • Temperature Range 0°C to 1000°C
  • Resistance Value Ro = 0.25Ω (others to special required)
  • Resistance Ratio Wga&gt, 1.11807
  • Dimensions Length 650mm, Diameter 7.5mm
  • Drift during use: a. Smallest When taken to 970°C slowly over 1 to 2 hours and cooked again slowly (overnight) to 450°C, the triple point of water resistance will repeat to better than a temperature equivalent of 0.0005°C.
  • Drift during use: b. Largest When thermally shocked from 970°C to 20°C the triple point of water will increase by a temperature equivalent of up to 35mK, this is mostly recoverable on annealing at 650°C for a few hours and then cooling slowly (overnight) to 450°C.
  • Drift during use: Long term drift: Most changes occur during heating and cooling. If this process is done carefully, long term stabilities of a few mK per year can be expected, with reproductability at the silver point of 3 to 5mK.