FLIR T1020-28-NIST

FLIR T1020-28-NIST

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  • T1020 12 IR Camera 1024768 Resolution 30Hz with 28 degree Lens.
    • Exceptional Measurement Performance.
    • The FLIR OSX Precision HDIR Optical System lets you take accurate measurements from 2x as far away
    • Continuous auto-focus mode keeps pace with your movements
    • Advanced OSX optical system ensures accurate measurements in extreme conditions
    • Unique optical path eliminates error from heat sources outside the field of view


  • Outstanding Image Clarity.
    • An extraordinarily sensitive detector enhanced by the processing power of UltraMax ™
    • 1024768 detector offers the best resolution of any FLIR hand-held camera
    • Exceptional Thermal sensitivity of &lt, 0.02°C at 30°C, 2x better than the industry standard
    • •UltraMax™ super-resolution quadruples the pixel count up to 3.1 MP, for finer detail and accuracy
    • MSX ® embosses visual details on the thermal image


  • Features and User Interface Designed for the Expert.
  • Compact design, responsive user interface, and instant report generation make your workday easier and more productive
  • Programmable buttons allow you to configure the camera to fit your work flow
  • Dynamic focus control adjusts to your touch so you can dial in images perfectly
  • Radiometric recording captures full resolution, full-frame video for comprehensive analysis
  • One-click Rapid Report ™ generation lets you share images and findings fast

> Ultimate Resolution & Sensitivity

FLIR’s Best Handheld Imagery and Accuracy

  • 3 superior thermal imaging choices including 640 × 480 native resolution
  • Up to 1.2 MP thermal resolution with UltraMax™ – a 4× improvement for finer detail and accuracy
  • MSX® enhancement that etches key visible details such as numbers, labels, etc. onto live, stored, and UltraMax thermal images for easier locating
  • Class-leading sensitivity as fine as &lt,0.02°C for outstanding image quality and subtler thermal patterns
  • Temperature range calibrations up to 2,000°C for measuring the hottest targets