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  • Measurement °C or ° F, %RH, AT, ppm(v) and Pressure Available
  • Edgetech Instruments Model Dewtech 390 Comprises a Three Stage Peltier Cooled Mirror Hygrometer and Integral Refrigeration Unit
  • Designed to Measure Moisture in Gas as Low as –90° C (-130° F) Dewpoint (Td)
  • Model Dewtech 390 can display Concentration at Atmospheric Pressure or Compensate for Pressure Variations with Input from aPressure Transducer
  • Accuracy to ± 0.2°C Dewpoint
  • Bench or Counter Top Standing Front panel Access to All Main Components Including Mirror Cleaning
  • Dual Alarm Capability. User Programmable, can be Set for Latching or Auto Reset Mode
  • Serial and Analog Outputs
  • RS232 Communication with Terminal, Printer or Computer
  • Remote Programming Data Output such as Dew Point and Alarm Status
  • 0-5 VDC, 4-20 mA, 0-10 VDC, or 0-20mA User Scalable to Drive Peripheral Devices. Available Simultaneously, One Input Per Measurement Parameter. Scalable Throughout the Entire Operating Range of Psychometric Variables, Program Via Front Panel
  • Auto Balance Control
  • 8 Line Graphic Display with Back Light