Used Topcon GTS-903A 3 Robotic Total Station Kit w/ FC-250 Topsurv 8 RC-4R PRISM

Used Topcon GTS-903A 3 Robotic Total Station Kit w/ FC-250 Topsurv 8 RC-4R PRISM

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Topcon GTS-903A 3 Robotic Total Station Kit w/ FC-250 Topsurv 8 RC-4R PRISM

Faster, Lighter, Smaller. The new Topcon GTS-903A Robotic Total Station puts it all in a package to deliver the highest productivity day after day, in all field conditions. With built-in long range cable-free design, the GTS-903A Robotic Total Station offers the most advanced Robotic technology available. Whether it be the tightest control survey, high volume construction staking or a boundary survey with 3 second angular accuracy and its rugged design the GTS-903A is suitable for use in the toughest environments.

Topcon GTS-903A can stand up to any wet weather condition that can occur in the field, giving the benefit of not experiencing down time due to inclement weather and a long-life Lithium-Ion batteries will keep you going all day. The new built-in 2.4 GHz spread spectrum radio allows for longer range between the instrument and Topcon FC-200 controller mean that you will never have to worry about communications range between the components of your system. Topcons RC-4R tracking system is designed to work with the 360 degree prism, the RC-4R offers a one-touch operation and a quick-lock prism acquisition. Six communication channels enable multiple Robotic systems to operate on the same site. GTS-903A configuration includes all necessary components to Complete a one-man Robotic surveying system. Long range radios, reliable data collector and well thought-out accessories form a surveying package that will increase your productivity while reducing labor costs. Topcon GTS-903A allows you measure in poor visibility and in total darkness, if necessary.

The Superior XTRAC search system is superior to the human eye and always finds the reflector. And you could do the job Completely alone, if you had to. One person can process as many points in the same time as it takes two people measuring with a conventional Total Station. And because nobody is needed at the instrument, both you and your assistant can help with the work at the measuring point.

The Topcon 9-series of Robotic Total Station is the latest, most advanced system on the market today that boasts a new modern design, faster motors, 1000 meter radio range, and new X-TRAC prism tracking technology.

Our 9-series Robotic system features sophisticated technology unique to Topcon – our one-touch quick lock feature that set the standard in Robotic target acquisition has taken another step forward, with the sleek new RC-4R system.

Available in 1, 3, and 5 second angle accuracies, you can select the instrument that best fits your requirements. All 9000 series Robotic systems offer reflectorless measurement superior to any other instrument available – capable of precision measurements at a mind-boggling 2000 meters – that’s well over a mile without a prism! Even though you may never shoot that far, this technology has tremendous benefits for every user.

There are three accuracies of the Topcon GPT-900-series Robotic Total Station available:

Topcon GPT-901A (1 Accuracy)

Topcon GPT-903A(3 Accuracy)

Topcon GPT-905A(5 Accuracy)

Where applicable, each version will be separated by a / in their respective order.

Topcon 900-series Robotic Total Station Angle Measurement Method Absolute Reading Horizontal 2 Sides Vertical 2 Sides Minimum Reading 0.5 (0.1 mgon) / 1 (0.2 mgon) / 1 (0.2 mgon) Accuracy 1 (0.3 mgon) / 3 (1.0 mgon) / 5 (1.5 mgon) Tilt Correction Dual Axis Compensating Range ±6 Distance Measurement Prism Mode 1 Prism 9840 (3000m) 3 prism 13,120 (4000m) 9 prism 16,400 (5000m) Accuracy Fine 0.2mm / 1mm ±2mm 2ppmxD m.s.e. Coarse 1mm ±7mm 2ppmxD m.s.e. Coarse 10m ±10m 2ppmxD m.s.e. User Interface Operating System Microsoft Windows CE.Net 4.2 Processor Type Intel PXA255 Processor Speed 400Mhz Display Panel Full color touch-screen

Features & Benefits:

Innovative, Completely cable-free system design

New RC-4R with Superior XTRAC Quick-Lock tracking technology

The most advanced, longest range, and most powerful reflectorless technology available

Integrated interference free 2.4 GHz SpSp Robotic data communications

Faster servo motor technology, faster tracking technology

Full-color, graphical Windows Mobile instrument & field controller interface

Lighter weight than the competition

Smaller – Lighter – Faster – Longer.


Topcon GTS-903A Robotic Total Station

Topcon RC-4R quick lock

Topcon FC-250 data collector w/ Robotic Internal Radio Topsurv V8

2 Batteries for the Robot

2 Batteries for the FC-250

360° Robotic prism

Carrying Case