Used Topcon GPT-9001A 1 Reflectorless Robotic Total Station

Used Topcon GPT-9001A 1 Reflectorless Robotic Total Station

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The GPT-9000A robotic total station provides precise reflectorless measurement up to 2,000 meters – more than 6,500 feet (1¼ miles) – and can easily focus on small objects like power lines. The onboard computer, with a bright, full color touch screen display, and faster servo motor technology improve field productivity. The GTS-900A series reflector only instruments are available with the same system components.


Magnification: 30x

Image: Erect

Field of View: 1°30

Resolve Power: 1

Min. Focus Distance: 1.3 meters

Measurement Range:

1 Prism: 9840 ft, 3000 meters

3 Prism: 13,120 ft, 4000 meters

9 Prism: 16,400 ft, 5000 meters

Mini Prism: 3,280 ft, 1000 meters


turning speed 85 degrees /sec

tracking speed 15 degrees /sec

tracking range 26 to 3,280 feet, 8 to 1000 meters

tracking accuracy 2

Measuring Accuracy:

Prism Mode ±(2mm 2ppmxD*) m.s.e±(2mm 2ppmxD*) m.s.e. ±(2mm 2ppmxD*) m.s.e. fine, ±(7mm 2ppmxD*) m.s.e. coarse

Non-Prism Mode N/A, ±(5mm) m.s.e. fine(25m or more), ±(10mm) m.s.e. coarse

Non-Prism Mode Long ±(10mm 10ppmxD*) m.s.e. fine, ±(20mm 10ppmxD*) m.s.e. coarse, N/A

measurement time 1.2sec (Init. 3.0sec) fine, 0.5sec (Init. 2.5sec) coarse, N/A

Angle Measurement

Method Absolute Reading

Detection 2 horizontal, 2 vertical

Minimum reading 0.5/1 arc sec, 0.1/0.5 mgon

Accuracy 1 arc sec, 0.3 mgon

Diameter of Circle 71 Millimeters

Tilt Correction:

Type Dual Axis

Method Liquid surface reflective profile sensor reading type

Compensating Range ±6

Correction Unit 1 arc sec, 0.1 mgon

Computer Unit

Operating system Microsoft Windows CE.NET 4.2

Processor Intel PXA255 400Mhz

RAM 64 Mb

ROM 2M Byte(Flash ROM) 64M Byte(SD Card) system memory, N/A, N/A, N/A

Display 320 x 240(QVGA) screen, dots Graphic LCD TFT color display

Card system CompactFlash Card(Type l/II)

Interface RS-232C(6 pin) Serial I/F Port 1, N/A, N/A, USB Type Mini- B for ActiveSync, USB Type A for memory USB


Circular level sensitivity 10 /2mm

Plate level sensitivity 30 /2mm

Optical Plummet 3 Magnification, 0.5m to infinity Focusing Range, Erect Image, 4 degree Field of View

Laser Pointer LD (Visible Laser) light source, 690mn wave length, 1mW Maximum output, Class II (FDA/BHR 21 CFR 1040) class, N/A

Dimensions (HxWxL) N/A, 338 x 212 x 197 Millimeters

Instrument Weight(with battery) N/A, 6.9 kg

Dust/Water Protection IP54 rating

Operating Temperature -20° to 50° Celsius, -4° to 122° Fahrenheit


GPT-9001A 1

Carrying Case

2x Batteries


User Manual

Data Cable