Used Sokkia SX-105T 5 Robotic Total Station RC-PR5 Toughpad XY Positioner Topcon

Used Sokkia SX-105T 5 Robotic Total Station RC-PR5 Toughpad XY Positioner Topcon

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Sokkia SX-105T 5 Sec Robotic Total Station with XY positioner . This set up is in GREAT condition and ready to go to work. This is a 5 second gun. This unit has been shop tested CALIBRATED and is ready to work out the box. It includes a Panasonic Toughpad with dual software, Magnet Lay out and Micro Layout. The robot is currently set up with everything you need to do layout including the X-Y Positioner. The X-Y Positioner allows contractors to accurately and quickly create points in the field, eliminating the need to level a prism pole.

The Sokkia SX-105T 5-Second Robotic Total Station revolutionizes the surveying industry with its top of the line laser, image, Bluetooth and EDM technologies, combined with advanced tracking algorithms and communication capabilities.

Used in conjunction with Sokkias On-Demand Remote Control System (sold seperately) long-range measurements up to 3,280 feet, can be taken accurately and reliably from remote locations. The SX Robotic Total Station also takes the shortest reflectorless distance measurements in the industry, as little as 1 foot!

Using Bluetooth wireless technology, the RC-PR5 remote controller enables communication up to nearly 2,000 feet between the data collector of your choice and the SX Robotic Total Station. This advanced remote control unit mounts on a prism pole in conjunction with a unique 360-degree Robotic prism. Not only can surveying be Completed by one person, but measurements can be calculated two to three times faster than with a standard Total Station.

Bluetooth Auto Pointer and Auto Tracking

An upgraded model to the former Sokkia SRX, the Sokkia SX-105 Robotic Total Station features auto-point technology that automatically senses the Robotic prism to perform sighting. Even in poor lighting conditions, intense reflections and wooded areas, the Sokkia SX remains accurate.

Another unique feature of the SX 5-second Total Station is the auto-tracking function. Using a built-in directional sensor and Bluetooth technology, the Robotic Total Station rotates and follows the direction of the prism. With this advanced function, you won’t need to worry about keeping the line of sight clear between you and the Total Station while safely maneuvering around obstacles, trees, traffic and buildings out on the field.

RC-PR5 Remote Control

The RC-PR5 remote unit emits a laser fan beam that is picked up by the detector unit in the handle of the Sokkia SX. Instantly, the Total Station turns like a compass in the direction of the prism, keeping track of the prism at all times. In addition, the remote units directional sensor allows you to re-establish contact with the instrument. Simply press the trigger key, and the Total Station automatically rotates in the shortest direction towards the prism.

Stable Measurement Options

The auto-tracking function also allows you to select sighting accuracy and speed by choosing the imaging mode that best suits the job. While the digital imaging mode is fine for many situations, the optical imaging mode is ideal for achieving accurate measurements when dealing with an unstable or shaky prism pole.

Sokkias Robotic Total Station is equipped with an advanced angle measurement system. This system features an original absolute encoder. Combined with the SX Total Stations dual-axis compensator, accurate and stable measurements are guaranteed even on uneven ground.

Long-range EDM

The Sokkia SX-105 used RED-tech EX technology for pinpoint precision in distance measuring. RED-tech allows surveyors to perform a variety of electronic distance measuring tasks (EDM) more quickly and accurately than ever before. It measures distances at a speed of 0.9 seconds and at a distance of less than 1 foot away up to 3,280 feet! You can even turn off the Robotic capabilities of the SX Total Station and perform reflectorless measurements without a prism.

Laser Pointer and Guide Light

In fact, the Sokkia SXs maximum range maintains the same height accuracy as when using a prism. RED-tech EDM technology uses the same-phase comparison method. Regardless of whether the target is reflectorless, a prism or a reflector sheet, only one laser beam is used for both pointing and measuring. This allows the diameter of the laser beam to change according to the selected measurement mode, ensuring that you achieve superior accuracy. The available green and red laser telescope guide lights provide guidance at a range of nearly 500 feet.


Sokkia SX105T 5 Robotic Total Station

Sokkia RC5 Kit with Thumb Control

Panasonic ToughPad FZ-G1 with Magnet Field Layout V 4.1.2 and Micro Survey Layout v 2.2.12 (Standard, Advanced, Total Station, Robotic, GNSS modules activated)

X-Y Positioner

Sokkia 360 prism


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