Tektronix MSO58/5-BW-2000 USED SALE

Tektronix MSO58/5-BW-2000 USED SALE

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The MSO58-5-BW-2000 from Tektronix is a 5 series Mixed Signal Oscilloscope with 8 FlexChannel inputs. Each FlexChannel provides one analogue signal input or eight digital logic inputs with TLP058 logic probe. It has large 15.6 high definition (1,920 x 1,080) TFT colour display with capacitive (multi-touch) touchscreen. The 5 series MSO provides set of advanced triggers such as runt, logic, pulse width, window, timeout, rise/fall time, setup and hold violation, serial packet, parallel data and sequence. It offers a comprehensive set of standard analysis tools including waveform and screen based cursors, 36 automated measurements, basic waveform math, FFT analysis, advanced waveform math functions, search and waveform navigation and optional jitter and eye pattern analysis software package. It contains an optional integrated arbitrary/function generator, integrated 4-digit digital voltmeter and 8-digit trigger frequency counter.

  • 2GHz bandwidth and 225ps rise time
  • 8 analogue channels and 64 optional digital channels
  • Waveform capture rate is &gt,500,000wfps
  • Record length is 62.5Mpoints on all analogue / digital channels
  • 12bit ADC, vertical resolution of 16bit at ≤125MS/s (high resolution)
  • I2C, SPI, RS-232/422/485/UART, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, USB 2.0, Ethernet, I2S, LJ, RJ, TDM serial buses
  • USB host (x7), USB device, LAN, display port, DVI-D, video out connectivity
  • One 10Mohm passive voltage probe with less than 4pF capacitive loading per channel
  • Source voltage is 100V to 240V, 400W maximum power consumption
  • Dimension is 12.2in (309mm) H x 17.9in (454mm) W x 8.0in (204mm), weight is 25lbs (11.4Kg)