Tektronix DPO7104C Used for Sale

Tektronix DPO7104C Used for Sale

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  • 1 GHz Bandwidth
  • Sample Rate: 20/10/5 GS/s (1/2/4 chs)
  • FastAcq provides &gt,250,000 wfm/s waveform capture rate
  • Intensity-graded, color-graded digital phosphor display
  • Pinpoint triggers, including serial packet content
  • 25 Mpoint standard record lengths (4-ch.)
  • Up to 250 Mpoint optional record lengths
  • FastFrame segmented memory acquisitions
  • Advanced Search and Mark: finds up to 8 specific events at a time
  • MultiView Zoom for quick navigation
  • 53 automated measurements
  • Advanced math
  • Included: Limit Test (LT), Visual Trigger and Search (VET), extended record length (2RL)
  • Optional: Application-specific support, including: Serial bus debug, Serial bus compliance, Power analysis, Jitter analysis, RF analysis