Keysight Technologies E2308A

Keysight Technologies E2308A

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  • Temperature range: -80 degrees C to 150 degrees C (-112 degrees F to 302 degrees F)
  • Maximum temperature: 150 degrees C (302 degrees F)
  • Accuracy: Typically less than 1 degree C (2 degrees F). This varies with instrument and temperature range.
  • Time constant: 3 seconds (typical) from air to still water
  • Dissipation constant: 5.7 mW/degree C in still water
  • Stainless steel probe dimensions: 1.5 inches long x 0.125 inches in diameter
  • Length: 36 inch leads
  • Termination: 3/4 inch dual banana plugs
  • The thermistor (5 k ohm at 25 degrees C) is encapsulated in a stainless steel case and typically used for liquid temperature measurements
  • The Agilent E2308A is compatible with the Agilent 3458A, 34410A and 34411A multimeter
  • It can also be used with the 34420A, but doing so requires the probe to be rewired onto the Agilent 34104A Low Thermal Input Connector
  • The E2308A can also be used with the 34401A, however, it requires an external program to convert the resistance measurements to temperature