Keysight / Agilent 83485B Used for Sale

Keysight / Agilent 83485B Used for Sale

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The 83485B Optical / Electrical Plug-in features an Optical Channel, which is unamplified 980 nm -1625 nm Single Mode (SM), 30GHz BW, Sensitivity: -8 dBm and an Electrical Channel, which is 18GHz and 40GHz BW , 2.4 mm connectors. The unit is a plug-in module for the 83480A Digital Communications Analyzer.

The  Agilent 83485B Electrical Optical Plug-in features two measurement channels, one optical, the second electrical. Both channels have selectable bandwidth settings for selecting between lowest oscilloscope noise and highest bandwidth (over 30 GHz) for greater measurement fidelity on high-speed signals.

The integrated optical channel eliminates distortion caused by cables and connectors associated with the use of external receivers in order to accurately characterize optical waveforms. The optical channels are calibrated at 1310nm and 1550 nm to provide both a built-in power meter and accurate display of the received optical waveform in microwatts.

The electrical channel may be used to perform measurements on tributary signals, transmitter modulation signals, to evaluate receiver performance in transceiver testing, for measurements with an external optical receiver, or for general purpose measurements.

Features / Specifications of the Agilent 83485B Plug-In Module include:

30 GHz optical channel for 9/125 fibers

  • Wavelength range: 1000-1600 nm
  • Reference receiver capability (9.953 Gb/s)

> Compatibility

  • 83480A Digital Communications Analyzer Mainframe
  • 86100A/B/C Infiniium DCA/DCA-J Mainframes