Hioki LR8511

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  • Easy setup with the Quick Set Navigator
  • The LR8410-20 incorporates HIOKI’s Quick Set navigator, which explains setup operations on the instrument’s display so that even first-time users can prepare it for measurement.
  • When the LR8410-20 is powered on, a simple operation causes it to automatically detect and register measurement units that are within its communications range.
  • Even users with no knowledge of data communications can start taking measurements immediately.
  • The LR8410-20 also automatically detects and displays measurement units that are within its communications range.
  • Wireless gathering of multichannel measurement data
  • The LR8410-20 features Bluetooth® wireless technology, allowing it to gather data from remotely located measurement units.
  • Data can be sent and received between an LR8410-20 and logging modules positioned up to 30 meters (line-of-sight distance) apart.
  • This capability proves useful when making measurements in locations where it would be different to run wiring to connect a sensor to a conventional measuring instrument. Measuring multiple locations simultaneously with a conventional logger requires long wiring runs connecting the logger to each sensor, raising the possibility that measurements could be hindered by wiring breaks and noise.
  • The new HIOKI data logger both reduces and shortens wiring, helping to improve the measurement environment and boost measurement efficiency.
  • Gathering of data from up to seven measurement units with one LR8410-20
  • One LR8410-20 can control up to seven measurement units, allowing it to gather up to 105 channels of data.
  • Measuring a variety of locations with a conventional logger yields data with different time-series characteristics.
  • However, since the LR8410-20 can control up to seven logging modules, it is possible to take measurements at multiple remote locations as part of the same time-series.
  • Additionally, the LR8410-20’s shortest recording interval of 100 ms (1/10 sec.) can be used with all 105 channels.