Fluke Calibration 5628-12-B

Fluke Calibration 5628-12-B

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  • Range to 660°C
  • Meets all ITS-90 reMeets all ITS-90 requirements for resistance ratios
  • Rtp drift &lt, 20mK after 500 hours at 660°C
  • Strain-free sensor design by Harts SPRT engineers
  • High-temp PRT, 25.5 Ohm, 305 mm (12 in)
  • If youre using block calibrators, furnaces, or temperature points above normal PRT temperatures (420 °C), then these two PRTs are for you
  • The 5626 is nominally 100Ω and the 5628 is nominally 25.5 Ohm
  • Both instruments have a temperature range of -200 °C to 661 °C
  • They make great working or check standards for calibration work up to the aluminum point
  • Using a regular PRT at temperatures above 500°C exposes the platinum to contamination
  • If the PRT is used as a reference or calibration standard, contamination is a major problem
  • SPRTs, which are more expensive and delicate, can handle the higher temperatures, but with greater risk to the instrument due to shock, contamination, or mishandling
  • The 5626 and 5628 are designed to reduce the contamination risk through the use of internal protection while not impairing performance


Each Unit Includes

  • Accredited Calibration
  • Complete with ITS-90 constants and a resistance-versus-temperature table