Fluke Calibration 1560-156

Fluke Calibration 1560-156

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The Stack starts with a base module. It consists of two parts: a display with the main processor and a power supply. The base module supplies power, communication management, and software coordination for all of the other modules. It has the display, control buttons, and RS-232 port built-in.

Each base module can handle eight thermometer modules stacked behind it with a maximum of 96 sensor inputs. The base module never needs calibration and performs its own diagnostic self-test each time it powers up. The thermometer characteristics of each base module are defined by the thermometry modules stacked behind it.

  • Reads SPRTs, RTDs, thermistors, and thermocouples
  • Any configuration you like up to eight modules
  • High-accuracy reference thermometer (to ±0.0013°C)
  • Automates precision data acquisition