CorDEX MN4000

CorDEX MN4000

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Utilising both thermal and visible cameras, along with industry standard Modbus/TCP communications, the MN4000 panel mounted thermal imager is simple to integrate into existing plant systems providing an unprecedented degree of thermal information relating to electrical equipment health all in a small, affordable package.

MN4000 is provided with a suite of measurement tools, from its onboard webserver interface with unique, thermal grid alarms, to prewritten PLC Function Block code which ensure trouble-free integration with new or existing PLC networks. Additional CorDEX MONITIR software is also available for small, medium or large scale MN4000 deployments across multiple locations.

With 4800 measurement points per camera, all available via Modbus, MN4000 far surpasses current point measurement tools and provides infrared professionals not only the ability to alarm on a specific point, but also to remotely access the camera at any time, to perform a complete diagnosis in total safety.

  • Measurement accuracy of 2°/2% from -10 to 120C
  • IR Resolution: 8060 pixels (4800 measuring points)
  • Focus: Fixed
  • Field of View (FOV): 63° Diagonal
  • IR Operation 8-14um, &lt,50mk (NETD)
  • Dual, real-time imaging – IR and Visible
  • Simple installation
  • 2.5 LCD display
  • Configurable alarms
  • Direct web portal
  • Remotely accessible – MODBUS over Ethernet
  • Typical MN4000 installations include:
    • Transformers
    • Motor terminal boxes
    • Low & Medium Voltage Switchgear
    • Low Voltage Switchgear
    • Motor Control Centres