Control Company 4481

Control Company 4481

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Traceable® Infrared Laser Thermometer is simple to operate—turn on, point at sample, and take a reading in less than a second. Unit reads both Fahrenheit and Celsius of any surface—solids, semi-solids, and liquids. Non-invasive, no-touch, measurements are ideal for food preparation, life sciences, pharmaceuticals, petroleum products, clean rooms, electronics, and field use. Laser beam permits perfect sample target sighting.

  • Temperature range is –67 to 482°F and –55 to 250°C. Resolution is 0.1°. Accuracy is ±1°C 2%.
  • Hold freezes the display at the current reading.
  • Field of view is 6:1. (for example, at a distance of 12 inches the reading spot size is 2 inches).
  • Minimum and maximum feature permits viewing highest and lowest readings at any time.
  • Features a handy wristband.
  • Display indicates low battery.


Each Unit Includes

  • Battery
  • wristband
  • Traceable® Certificate